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Introducing dryMist face and skin treatment from Japan
Japan's dryMist treatment uses a new patented spray nozzle that when driven with a small air compressor, produces a very fine mist. dryMist has been incorporated into facial and skin treatments that are sold in Japan as a standalone service and as a “finishing” cool-down step for facial treatments that can leave skin feeling hot and irritated such as from peels and microdermabrasions.
The dryMist machine allows different liquids to be misted to the face and other body areas - most commonly used is
carbonated water which offers a pleasurable feeling and a variety of other benefits.
The video clips show drymist machines spraying at full capacity. drymist machines have a mist adjustment
so that the amount of mist can be increased and decreased depending upon application requirements.
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    Benefits from treatment
Instant Results
"Soften Hair" 
"Aatopic dermatitis"
Other Cases
    About Superior
The "SECRET" of the "Superior Nozzle"
...is that the Partial Pressure of CO2
through the entire system must always
remain at a minimum of two (2)
atmospheres in order for the mist to retain
its high carbonation level (>1,000 p.p.m.)
and thus its medicinary value.
The "Superior Nozzle" is the first nozzle to
allow the partial presuure of CO2 to be
maintained at this high two (2) atmospheres
presure through the entire mist creating
process,thus ensuring that the mist reaching
the skin and hair surface remains saturated
with molecular CO2 so that its migration
Professional use Home use
スーペリア業務用 スーペリア家庭用

1.Superior: 2set
2.Compressor: 1set
3.Tube set

1.Superior: 1set
2.Compressor: 1set
3.Tube set

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    The  Birth  of  Skin  Shock
Your skin cells will shine'- as the Anti-Aging Super Mist Era begins
- It is important to gently rejuvenate the skin, while not being fooled by the vast flood of   information based on fashion.
- The skin will ‘awaken with enzymes’ with this new beauty regimen.
- For centuries worldwide, natures sparkling (carbonated) baths have been a luxurious and
  effective prescription for the rejuvenation of  the skin – Now, the “Superior” nozzle delivers
  that same “Carbon Dioxide Effect”, through its delivery of highly concentrated CO2  in water
  (H2CO3) directly onto the skin surface.
- The fact is those CO2 bubbles on the skin surface, quickly pass through cell walls, stimulating
  blood flow through the capillaries lying  just below the skin surface, which in turn increase
  levels of Collagen, Elastin, Amino Acids, Ceramide, and Hyaluronic Acid,each essential to
  healthy young beautiful skin.
- This delicate phosphate-free treatment achieves optimum skin health, without subjecting the
  skin to extreme temperatures, pH, or   vibration.
- The "Superior" Nozzle creates the first ‘Super Particulate Fog’, able to deliver dissolved CO2
  in water (H2CO3) directly onto the skin   surface.
- Youthful restoration of beautiful skin by the New Miracle Micron Super Mist “Superior” nozzle - now reversing the effects of age.

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